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Body Slimming

Look slimmer without surgery

The Body Kinetics Difference


We use cutting edge
technology and keep following
high-level developments


Our non invasive
treatments show results immediately

Effective Management Program

Easy follow up
programs to ensure
the results last

You may not need a surgical procedure

Liposuction has been extremely popular over the years for removing extra fat from the body and with good reason. For the most part, this cosmetic procedure is effective and permanent. However, it does come with surgery, incisions, scars, pain, and possible post-surgery complications which you may be able to avoid (depending on your health goals). If you’re looking to lose an inch or two, EMS (electro-magnetic stimulation) cavitation body sculpting technology can produce the same results without the surgery. This can also avoid the long recovery period that can accompany liposuction surgery.  In addition, cavitation body sculpting technology can also be used as a part of your post lipo treatment.

Body Kinetics Wellness offers effective non-medical, noninvasive treatments for those that want to look slimmer without surgery, incisions or scars. Our customizable treatments include ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, muscle building, laser lipo, Lymphatic drainage massage, and infrared heat therapy. 

Our Healing Process


Accessing which treatment would produce the best results for fat loss.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Implementation of ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, muscle building, laser lipo, Lymphatic drainage massage, and infrared heat therapy.

Management Program

Establish an easy to follow program to guarantee your weight stays off.

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Christina and Mimi are very knowledgeable about the cryo-slimming process. They answered all of my questions through my. My first session, I lost 3/4 of an inch. I was able to button a pair of pants I had been trying to get into for a while. I highly recommend this service and the comfortable environment that Body Kinetics Wellness has.

Arlette Ekstedt

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