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Fat Freeze Body Sculpting

You have pursued many health tips including clean eating and exercises, but there are still stubborn fats that need to come off. Now, you can shape the body you want with noninvasive fat loss CryoSkin technology. 

Cryoskin Fat Freeze Technology

CryoSkin is a non-invasive and safe treatment used for slimming, toning and cellulite reduction. The session lasts for 28-44 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with heat and then a decrease in temperature to -8° for the duration of the session, and followed by Manual Lymph Drainage. The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. With 3-5 repeated sessions, great results will extend for several months afterwards. Visible results from Cryoskin body slimming treatments are what you can count on.

Here at Body Kinetics Wellness, we offer CryoSlimming® and CryoToning®.

The CryoSlimming®  sessions use the application of cold temperatures to initiate apoptosis, or programmed cell death, a naturally occurring sequence aided by the lymphatic system. During each session, the skin will experience a localized warming sensation, followed by a sub-zero massage. The immediate drop in temperature will initiate apoptosis once the fat cells have cooled to the temperature at which they can no longer sustain themselves. Once this cell death has been initiated, the fat cells will convert to cellular debris, to be cycled through the lymphatic system over the following fourteen days. Some immediate “slimming” will be shown after the first session.  An optimal, longer lasting result will be seen at the end of three to five sessions.

CryoSlimming® Treatment Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Upper back
  • Love handles
  • Double chin

The CryoToning®  treatments utilize the application of cold temperatures to tighten, smooth, and firm areas lacking elasticity by increasing microcirculation and collagen production. These treatments improve blood flow through alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilation. These sessions can be done once every three days but are recommended once per week in most cases.

CryoToning® treatment Areas:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen/hips
  • Arms
  • Upper back
  • Chest/breasts
  • Butt Lift
  • Neck/décolleté
  • Face