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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

How do you see your health in 10 years? Do you have unresolved health issues now? Do you need support on how to be healthy and live a more balanced life? Are you looking for professional health coaching to help restore your body back to normal functionality?

Work, finance, family and social lifestyle choices all play an important role in the quest for a well-rounded life. Stressful life choices often lead to imbalance within our bodies then systemic metabolic breakdown occurs. This physiological aspect has a great impact on our Endocrine function, Neural Tissue health, Musculoskeletal health, Macro nutrition metabolism, Immune regulation and detoxification capacity; these issues also heavily influence our sleep, energy and quality of health.

Restore Your Body’s Functionality

Here at Body Kinetics Wellness, we aim to educate our clients on how to get well and stay well naturally. Our FDN certified health coach will help you identify the underlying causes of your health condition via a systematic step-by-step assessment process. We do this by running functional lab tests and correlating results to your health complaints. We find healing opportunities within the hormonal, immune, digestive, detoxification, energy and nervous systems. We validate these opportunities using a therapeutic protocol with the right amount of coaching to achieve your desired end result: better sleep, increased overall energy and improved long-term health.