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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep may be the best detox for your brain. REM sleep is necessary in resting and resetting the body and brain. A recent study has also found that slow-wave sleep (SWS), the deepest phase of sleep, is key to detoxing the brain. During SWS, blood volume decreases and that space is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. This is important in getting rid of the toxic waste in the brain that can cause neurodegeneration.

Think of it as your brain’s “wash and rinse cycle”.  The cerebrospinal fluid flows in large, slow waves. These waves are larger than the waves that occur while we are awake. During the SWS cycle, every 20 seconds the brain rids itself of toxins that had built up during the day. When these toxins are not cleaned out, they can lead to degeneration, such as Alzheimer’s. Our time asleep is not only crucial for our energy levels, but also for our basic needs of functioning and health.

Sleep impacts your body and brain in many ways. It’s important to learn how so you can better prioritize it in your life.

Five Ways Your Brain is Influenced by Sleep

Your overall health and wellbeing is greatly influenced by your quality of sleep. Here are five (of many) ways the brain is impacted by sleep:

  1. Sleep solidifies and maintains memory
  2. Toxins in your brain get cleaned out while you sleep
  3. Your cognition and creativity are improved and strengthened as you consistently experience the sleep cycles you need
  4. Mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, are better managed
  5. Your overall physical health is improved, such as healthier heart function, decreased inflammation, better hormone regulation, and more.

Sleep better so you can feel more rested and rejuvenated throughout your life.

Guided Sleep Meditations

It can be difficult to get your mind to a place of relaxation after a long day. And with the constant stressors we face, it’s no wonder many of us spend some nights tossing and turning with our racing minds. Guided sleep meditations, such as BrainTap, can help you slow down, set your mind at ease, and prepare for a restful night of rejuvenation.

BrainTap users report that they not only fall asleep faster and easier, but they stay asleep longer and have better quality sleep. This allows your body to get into SWS to detox for the upcoming day.  BrainTap Pro App also offers several audio series dedicated to helping you get good, quality sleep by training your brain and body to relax into the deepest possible sleep for you. For a free 15 Day Trial to the BrainTap Pro App, click here.

You can strengthen your brain with intentional mindfulness exercises and guided sleep meditations, such as BrainTap.

Light & Sound Therapy With BrainTap Can Help Your Sleep Issues

It’s so easy to put off sleep. We’ve all been there. With how little control many of us feel during the daytime, we may grasp for control at nighttime by fighting going to bed—even if we’re exhausted. Practicing mindfulness with Guided meditations can help you create better habits and prioritize sleep in your life. Guided meditations, like BrainTap, are helpful tools in aiding your ability to fall and stay asleep, allowing both your body and brain the rejuvenation they need.

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