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Manual Lymph Drainage

Relieve painful swelling

The Body Kinetics Difference

Certified Lymphatic Therapist

From the premier educational institution, The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy


We use the Vodder technique for a very powerful and calming effect on the lymphatic system


Comprehensive protocols for auto-immunity, acute post-op, and chronic health issues

Don’t prolong edema treatment!

Edema is a condition where excess fluid is trapped in tissues which cause swelling. If left untreated, you may experience uncomfortable, shinny and stretched skin, increased abdominal or extremity size, bloating, fatigue, pain, and/or difficulty walking or breathing. Edema can be caused by inflammation, surgery, toxins, burns, gravity, chronic trauma, allergies, pregnancy, medications, and certain health conditions such as stress, digestive issues, or autoimmunity disorders. If you believe you’re showing signs of edema, it’s very important to contact a physician immediately and see if there are any underlying medical conditions. 

Manual Lymph Drainage is an effective therapy to engage the Lymphatic system. Body Kinetics Wellness Las Vegas has certified Manual Lymph Drainage therapists ready to assist with effective manual treatment plans that help your body drain excess fluid through urination.

Our Healing Process


Assessing your body tissue looking for excess fluid that may be trapped.


Slow, gentle circular movements across the body to promote lymphatic circulation. It’s actually very relaxing!


Relief from pain, swelling, inflammation, fat deposits while stimulating a full body detoxification.

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Christina is the most knowledgeable and informative massage therapist I have ever met. I am a Brazilian butt lift patient that had extremely aggressive lipo and had severe lyphedema from the procedure. I was looking for a person to do manual lymphatic drainage to heal my system from my surgery but this type of massage is so hard to find in Las Vegas. The moment I got on the phone with Christina I can automatically tell she is very experienced in this field and when I went for my first session I instantly felt better the following days. I am only on my third session and I already feel so much better! I bought 2 packages from her for my treatment and it’s well worth it. If you need post operative or therapeutic massage she is the one.


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