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Muscle Relief Therapy

Musculoskeletal pain is often causes us to lose range of motion, strength, and instability. Sometimes the pain can be acute or chronic, but all together these issues can be corrected with multiple modalities in Medical Therapy.  Body Kinetics Wellness Practitioners will help your body recover by releasing muscular tension. 

Release Muscle Tension

To release muscular tension we treat the muscle as a whole, which includes Type I and Type II fibers. The understanding of the anatomy and physiology of muscles allows us to properly treat muscle tension and promote relaxation to all types of muscle fibers.

Therapy is used predominately to help the therapist gain an understanding of the physiological state of the muscle. Responsiveness of muscular tension helps us determine which release techniques are the most effective towards treatment. This allows us to use the appropriate tools and techniques to facilitate muscle relaxation.

We want to be a part of your healing progress and would like to discuss a suitable treatment plan for you. Put your body in good hands here at Body Kinetics Wellness Center.