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Post Lipo Treatment

Reduce inflammation and pain immediately

The Body Kinetics Difference

Certified Lymphatic Therapist

From the premier educational institution, The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy

1,000+ Post-Op Recoveries

We’ve helped over a thousand
clients recover from post-op pain
since 2015


We offer comprehensive
postsurgery protocols for a fast, painless healing experience

Take your Post-Lipo recovery seriously!

Lipo procedures are aggressive methods of reducing fat and can create serious trauma to the body. After Lipo procedures, your body’s tissue accumulates a substantial amount of fluid that can cause serious swelling affecting your hands, arms, feet, ankles, legs and more. Post-lipo recovery can take months before you can go back to your normal daily activities, depending on the liposuction work you received. If you do not seek advanced treatment for your post-lipo recovery, you’re at a serious risk of staying in recovery for a much longer period of time.

At Body Kinetics Wellness Las Vegas, we incorporate a variety of Post-Lipo treatments with effective protocols to assist you in a speedy recovery of a month or less. Get back to living your life on your terms rather than spending multiple months stuck in inflammation and pain.

Our Healing Process


Accessing the Lipo procedure and
technique used, as well as what specific areas were Liposuctioned


Immediately following assessment,
assist with a
Lymphatic Drainage Massage


In the initial visit, you will immediately reduce inflammation, fluid retention, and pain. Guaranteed!

Thank you Christina for the most thorough lymphatic massage ever! You are knowledgeable, professional and passionate in lymphatic drainage massage and genuinely care about the well-being of your clients which is a rare find in this field. My legs & entire body feel miraculously well drained and fully functional. I’ve not felt this comfortable in my own body since the onset of my Lymphedema over a year ago. God bless you and your practice. See ya next time we’re in town.

Laurie Hoffman, LPC, LCDC

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