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Restorative Health Coaching

Build the foundation for optimal wellness

The Body Kinetics Difference


For an insightful view of your internal environment to determine an effective approach for you

Root Cause Analysis

We find root cause solutions to common system imbalances

Guide & Support

We’re your support system on this wellness journey you’re embarking on

Be careful in choosing the right supplements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has guidelines that require manufacturers to disclose the side effects of prescription drugs. But the FDA does not require the same disclosures for vitamins and supplements in showing proof of benefits and disclosure of risks.  With that said, the lack of supplement knowledge can sometimes lead to chronic health problems, even death!  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take supplements; just communicate with consult with an expert to ensure you’re taking the correct ones. 

When deciding what natural supplements to take, it’s important to look into their benefits and potential side effects. It’s also important to consider your general lifestyle and medical condition.

At Body Kinetics Wellness Las Vegas, you can count on having a professional health coach to verify the potential side effects and benefits of supplements so you don’t have to live in fear.  We help you get well, and stay well, through all-natural supplements!  

Our Healing Process


We start by getting to know more
about you and your
health goals.

Microscopy Session

Achieving clarity around what changes need to be made to improve digestive health, cellular health and overall body function.

Restorative Health

Personalized 2-month health plan to help you live into the visions you never thought
were possible.

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Great experience, eye opening, educational and definitely worthwhile to understand how i can become healthier! Thank you

Adam Kent

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