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Supplements for
Health Success

Rejuvenate your body

Breathing Toxic Pollution

You’re exposed to over 700,000
toxic chemicals a day!

Your body is just like your house, it accumulates dirt and dust everyday in the form of toxins. Besides the well known toxins (mercury, carbon monoxide, arsenic to name a few), they also come in detergent, carpeting, furniture, plastic containers, and even tap water! Luckily we all have a liver which is a huge aid in eliminating toxins, however your liver can only handle so much detoxification. When your body collects a big influx of toxins, whatever your liver cannot detox is stored in fat cells as to not be released back into your bloodstream. On top of that, toxins can do serious damage to your energy and fat burning fortress, the Mitochondria, causing low energy and an extremely slow metabolism. With that said, a toxic body is sure to lead to weight loss struggles, in addition to chronic illness and disease.

Having a full body detoxification program is absolutely crucial to your overall health. The releasing of toxins can help reduce fat deposits and stimulate weight loss, enhance your immune system and heart health, lower risk of disease, and much more!

Do You Need A Herbal Detox Program?

Christina’s Story

The story begins with my husband Steve. In the year of 2020, my husband was diagnosed with acute kidney disease. Other than high blood pressure and diabetic issues, the rest of his blood test showed he was in the normal range. The doctor sent him home and told him to continue taking the medications he perscribed and to watch his diet. My husband had faithfully been following the diet suggested by his Nutritionist. However, his body energy was going downhill. He was experiencing more fatigue as time went on, all the while his blood test continues showed he was in the normal range.

I decided to add some supplements to my husband’s daily routine because he needed help. Unsurprisingly, his energy became much more balanced and he was now strong enough to handle his daily work.

I have to say that supplements can come to the rescue when we don’t even know it’s needed. Supplementation gets mixed reviews. Some people believe it’s a must, while others believe the opposite. Here’s what I believe. When we need extra help and don’t know what else to try, why not give supplementation a try? Finding supplements that will produce the results you’re after, and ones that include the best quality ingredients, is the key. Supplementation worked (and continues to work) for my husband and it also helps reduce my mom’s arthritis pain.

There are many good quality supplemental brands that you can choose from and I created this page so you have access the those supplements that are proven and contain the highest quality ingredients.  For that, we use the Shaklee brand. 

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