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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Restoration to Optimal Wellness

The Body Kinetics Difference

Root Cause Analysis

We find root cause solutions to common system imbalances

Functional Diagnostic Testing

For an insightful view of your internal environment to determine an effective approach for you

Guide & Support

We’re your support system on this wellness journey you’re embarking on

Nutritional imbalances are contributing to many chronic health conditions

We’re all unique individuals. Not everyone has the exact same body chemistry. This can make most doctor visits frustrating, not only for you but also for the doctor. Why? Because most doctor’s visits for various stress-related conditions (such as: pain, headaches, mood disorders, trouble sleeping, and fatigue to name a few) are not possible for the doctor to diagnose because these symptoms do not fit into the category of disease that they can treat.

So how do you find relief? Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is the solution.  FDN is a practice that runs laboratory assessments to find malfunctions and underlying conditions that are the root cause of many of these symptoms.  FDN isn’t out to diagnose or treat disease.  It uses a powerful, simple framework for creating all-natural, drug-free protocols that empower patients to take control of their own healing. 

At Body Kinetics Wellness Las Vegas, you can count on our certified FDN Practitioner to guide you along the process by helping you find these biological markers that are at the core of these underlying conditions so you can get back to optimum health.

Our Healing Process


Functional Diagnostic Testings to help find the hidden root causes

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Reviewing of your test results and explanation of how these symptoms relate

Restorative Health

Personalized health plan to help you gain back your vitality and thirst for healthy life!

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Great experience, eye opening, educational and definitely worthwhile to understand how i can become healthier! Thank you

Adam Kent

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