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Scientifically proven to help heal scar tissue in a much shorter timeframe

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Surgical or Lipo procedures are aggressive methods of reducing fat and can create serious trauma to the body. After these procedures, your body’s tissue accumulates a substantial amount of fluid that can cause serious swelling and pain affecting your abdomen, back, arms, legs, ankles, and more. Post-op recovery can take months before you can go back to your normal daily activities, depending on the procedure you received. If you do not seek advanced treatment for your post-op recovery, you’re at a serious risk of staying in recovery for a much longer period of time.

At Body Kinetics Wellness Las Vegas, we incorporate a variety of post-op treatments with effective protocols to assist you in a speedy recovery of a month or less. Get back to living your life on your terms rather than spending multiple months stuck in inflammation and pain.

Our Healing Process


Accessing the procedures and
technique used, as well as the specific areas treated.

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Immediately following assessment, we assist with post-op treatments designed to assist the healing process.


In the initial visit, you will immediately reduce inflammation, fluid retention, and
pain. Guaranteed!

Cristina has made a huge difference in my post-op recovery! Her Lymphatic Active Treatments and LED Light Therapy have helped me get back to normal! Back in Feb I had an arm lift and breast lift. Everything with the surgery was technically great (no infections etc.) however my body was just not happy with the disruption! I was experiencing severe edema and lots of pain and weird sensations at the incision sites as well as very limited range of motion in my arms (couldn’t even raise them past my chest). My surgeon wasn’t much help- his advice was to just start going back to my normal routine, which without the use of my arms was kind of impossible, not to mention with the swelling I was feeling sluggish and miserable. I was 2 months post op at that point and becoming increasingly depressed. Then I found Body Kinetics online. I sent a message and explained what I was experiencing. Cristina got back to me right away and I scheduled an appointment. From the first appointment I have made huge improvements. I’ve got all of my range of motion back in my arms and the edema is under control. I feel like myself again! Before coming here, I honestly questioned if I’d ever feel “normal” again. Cristina is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and I’ve always felt comfortable in her care. The office is extremely clean and relaxing as well. If you are post op and need help like I did, do not hesitate to give Body Kinetics a call!

- Jo N.

Post-Op/Lipo Recovery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does post-op recovery treatment benefit your recovery journey?

A: Post-op recovery treatment plays a crucial role in enhancing your recovery after invasive medical procedure. It helps to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, common after surgical procedures. By managing these symptoms effectively, post-op recovery treatment improves your comfort levels and allows you to recover faster and resume your daily activities. Additionally, it promotes healing by stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflammation, assisting lymphatic flow and enhancing tissue repair. Overall, it accelerates your recovery, improves outcomes, and enhances your overall well-being. 

Q: Why reducing post-op inflammation so important? What does it do with my invasive aesthetic procedure?

A: Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury or trauma, including invasive aesthetic procedures. The primary goal of invasive aesthetic procedures is to deliver the appearance of the body shape and skin. However, excessive, or prolonged inflammation can impede the healing process.  Moreover, post-op inflammation can mask the true results of the aesthetic procedure. By minimizing inflammation, the true contour and shape of the aesthetic procedure areas become more visible, enabling a better appreciation of the desired aesthetic outcomes.

Q: Why is having a “lymphatic massage” by itself not enough for proper post-op recovery?

A: Having a “lymphatic massage” alone is not enough for proper post-op recovery. While “lymphatic massage” can help with reducing swelling and fluid retention, it does not address overall aesthetic outcomes. To achieve optimal post-op recovery and maximize desired aesthetic results, a comprehensive approach tailored to the specific requirements of the procedure is necessary. For example, incorporating LED Light Therapy can further enhance the smoothing and firming of the skin at the surgical area. At Body Kinetics Wellness, we provide a holistic approach to post-op recovery treatment, ensuring a thorough and effective recovery process.

Q: Who is the candidate for post-op recovery treatment? Do I need a post-op recovery treatment for my situation?

A: Post-op recovery treatment is typically recommended for individuals who have undergone various surgical or invasive aesthetic procedures. Candidates for post-op recovery treatment may include those who have had traditional liposuction, micro liposuction, AirSculpt, J-Plasma, Tummy tuck, 360 lipo, body contouring surgeries, C-section, facelifts, breast augmentation or reduction, rhinoplasty, and more. Additionally, individuals experiencing post-op symptoms such as swelling, bruising, pain, or inflammation can benefit from post-op recovery treatment to alleviate these symptoms and promote healing.

Q: What can I do before my lipo/invasive surgical procedures for fast healing afterwards?

A: LED light therapy is commonly used both pre-op and post-op recovery treatment. The therapeutic wavelength maximizes cellular ATP stores, and minimizes apoptosis of neighboring cells during surgery. Minimizes surgical wound inflammation response by jump starting the healing and preps the skin prior to performing surgical procedures. Cutting into healthier skin versus unprepared damaged skin leads to a better outcome and recovery.

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